Saturday, May 31, 2014

Plastic Surgery or Makeup?

"Even a weed is still a flower."

So I will be writing about PS or the super popular Plastic Surgery(I wrote Photo Shop at first >.< LMAO).
So apparently people are saying that plastic surgery is a negative thing, but some people say it's for the better since it enhances their appearance and their self-confidence gets a boost.
There are lots of Netizens against PS though, because it's all about FAKING and not ACCEPTING what you are and how you look just the way you are(naturally).
Lots of people now get plastic surgeries, they say it's for some medical purpose and not cosmetics(aesthetics) purpose-- but the truth is that they just don't accept what they are and they want to look prettier/more handsome. That's how the industry works right now though. And guess what? That's their business and not ours-- right?
But lots of girls now who can't afford PS just do makeup, and makeup is better since you won't maintain anything :D Hint: PS is expensive and once you have it you need to be careful, because you might damage your fake face.
Makeup is better, though HONESTLY-- don't surprise your boyfriend seeing you without makeup!
Show him first how you look without it, it might just cause him to think you are just a FACE covered with MAKEUP if this guy(who obviously doesn't like you for who you are, but just of your LOOKS-- Girl, leave him NOW. Trust me.)
Worse he will ASK you this, "Hey sweeties, can I see a bit of your FACE from your MAKEUP?"
*Can't help but giggle while writing these, because I myself use lots of etcetera on my fucking face.
For double eyelids, I think contact(circle) lenses are all FINE. As it makes you look dolly.
There are tons of videos in YouTube on how to make your face look cute/pretty by putting on makeup.
Though I also recommend you to read magazines and some articles before doing anything.

Like these: *I've read these somewhere but I forgot

FALSE EYE LASHES = GIRAFFE EYES (So I prefer, mascara)
BLUSH ON = You'd look like someone just punched you for being an IDIOT
RED LIPSTICK = SLUTTY (Though I think red is not slutty or whatsoever LMAO)
NOSE LINE/CONTOURING MAKEUP = HORSE-ISH xD (That's what we call girls who do it in the Philippines, it also looks FAGGOT-- but wear it or not; I DON'T CARE, it's your choice love)

If you dont' give a fuck about your face, just read this. ;)

Thanks for reading.

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